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Laser Harp

The Laser Harp is and futuristic musical instrument.

This amazing technological marvel
is represented by a Harp of Light
composed of a fan of laser beams
which faithfully reflects the strings of a harp.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology used, it is possible to match
to each laser beam of the Harp of Light the desired sound.

You can switch from the sound of the classical harp to that of a saxophone, or a flute or a violin or a percussion instrument,
with an infinite possible range and variability of notes and sounds.

The fidelity of the chosen sound to the original instrument is extraordinary!

Its features make for a phenomenal live performance
of the Arpa Laser for the exciting sound involvement,
visual and artistic use of this futuristic technology.

Laser Harp Performance

Laser Harp Performance

Guests Experience

The laser harp is not just a visual performance
But also a surprising interactive artistic installation, where those present can amaze with amazement the magical experience of “playing the light”.

This sensation incredibly fascinates guests, connoting and enriching the event of unique and unrepeatable emotions.

In addition, in each location this futuristic musical instrument enhances and scenically makes the suggestive, hyper-modern and engaging atmosphere.

Laser Harp Video

Who we are

Renato Giorgi

Maestro Renato Giorgi, multifaceted keyboard musician, composer and arranger, owner of the recording studio Midi Recording Studio.

Eclectic, gifted with remarkable musical sensitivity
he commits himself by dedicating himself entirely to the expression and study of music.

Simultaneously technical and creative, he manages to delicately filter the mathematical rationality of the notes and
the most romantic expressions of his personality.
Attentive listener of all musical genres and expert in new technologies applied to sound and melody.

Carlo Truzzi

Carlo Truzzi with his partner Simona are world-class fantasists recognized as the most skilled experts in the fascinating art of Shadows created with the Hands.

Their appearances on television networks and theaters around the world have been numerous and varied.

With their imagination for decades they have reworked and continuously renewed this ancient form of entertainment which has its roots in the Far East, re-proposing it in a compelling, poetic, comic and ironic key, with the creation of incredible silhouettes that belong to universally known characters.



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